Z-type is a website that allows users to improve their typing speed by playing a «shoot ’em up» game. The player must type the words that come towards the player’s spaceship. This way the player shoots down the enemy spaceships. You can load your own text if you want to practice in another language. The website is popular among people who want to increase their typing speed for work, school, or personal reasons. The typing game has some pretty neat sound effects, so consider if the students should (recommended) have the sound turned on.

It can be beneficial to increase your typing speed for various reasons. For example, it can help you save time on school work or on the job, especially if you often have to write long documents or emails. It can also make it easier for you to keep up with notes or instructions during meetings or lectures. Additionally, having good typing speed can be an important qualification for certain jobs, particularly in office work or journalism. Another reason to increase your typing speed may be for personal satisfaction or to compete with friends and family. Regardless of the reason, practice and training can help you improve your writing skills and increase your typing speed.

Z-type doesn’t need to be part of a planned lesson or program, it can be used as a filler activity or conscious activity to practice students typing speed. It is possible to make a competition out of it, but be aware that it will also make it obvious who never wins.


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