Immersive Reader

Immersive reader is a feature in Office 365 that makes it possible to read and understand documents in a more interactive and engaging way. With Immersive reader, you can, for example, get reading guidance and get help understanding difficult words or expressions. We recommend that you use the online version of the program that you will use together with Immersive Reader. The voice and display technology there is simply better.

Engaging reader is particularly useful for those who want to read long and complex texts, for example scientific articles or fiction texts. The function can also be helpful for those who have reading or learning difficulties, or who just want to read in a more efficient way.

Immersive is available in Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Outlook, and can be activated by going to «View» and then pressing «Immersive Reader» in the toolbar. Try Immersive Reader in Office 365 and discover how you can read and understand documents in a more efficient way!

Remember that it can be worthwhile pressing pause to jot down key words from what you have heard.


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