Digitalpedagogue.com is run by two digital pedagogues, the purpose is to spread digital inspiration to other educators. If you got any inquires or feedback be to contact us

Today, there are innumerable digital things that need to enter or want to enter the school system. This makes it difficult to find something that fits right into the classroom, without special training courses. Thats why we want to be a filter between the internet and the corporate world on one side, and the school on the other side.

The website was initially created out of boredom during the corona pandemic, but the section with digital aids has proven to be nice to have online. It is then much easier to share with parents than, for example, a sharepoint site. The original website is in norwegian, and since we already had done the leg work, we decided to translate it to english. We apologize if the language is some what Nor-English.

Goals for digitalpedagogue.com

  1. Be a starting point for training digital aids for pupils and parents
  2. Contribute to the dissemination of simple tools that can be used directly in teaching
  3. Contribute to conveying digital working methods that are in line with LK20 and privacy.
  4. Contribute to including games in the teaching, with the subject as premise provider.
  5. Be a personal digital romp to keep the desire to develop ourselves digitally

As the schools we work at have Office 365, the focus will be on this, unless someone sponsors a post or two.

We appreciate any support to continue the work(Link to Paypal)